Second half of my Inktober sketches


I began losing steam around the 20th but my fellow sketchers propped me up and urged me on and below is the proof that I made it through Inktober 2016.


It was a struggle to do just pen and ink and on the days when the need for watercolour was stronger than the Inktober rules, I added watercolour to my sketches. I make no aplogies for this though because I confess – I am not a purist. I have a tendency to not always follow rules and prompts. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the month-long pen and ink practice. Even if my technique didn’t improve, my self-confidence did.

pens-i-used-for-inktober-2016I used each of my 8 fountain pens and two dip pens and all my inks: Lamy Black ink, Noodlers Bulletproof Black, Noodlers Lexington Grey, Noodlers #41 Brown ink, De Atramentis Document Brown ink, Platinum Carbon ink, Speedball Super Black India ink, and Winsor & Newton Drawing inks (8 colours)

Did you take up the Inktober 2o16 challenge? How did you fare? What pens and inks did you use?


So far, so good for Inktober 2016


Well, so far, so good. I’m on target with the Inktober challenge. Although I’ve been sketching with fountain pens for a while, I was still hesitant to take up the challenge. Nevertheless, here I am on Day 13 and going strong but not following the prompts because I get bored sticking slavishly to prompts. I’m doing my own thing and I have even added watercolour to some of my sketches to liven things up. You’ll see the pen(s) I used to create the sketches in each photo.

Wanna see what I’ve done so far?