Where the magic happens

No two days are the same. There may be changes in the weather. Unexpected demands may emerge. After a bout of busyness, weariness may surface, slow us down or stop us in a tracks and prompt us to shift items on the day’s to-do list to another day.

One thing I know for sure is that if before the day kicks into gear, I spend some time being grateful, feeding my mind with God’s Word, nourishing my soul in prayer, journaling and fueling my heart with good intentions, “magic” happens. And I am primed on every level to face and manage whatever the day brings.

Here’s a sketch of my happy place – looking east through opened sliding glass doors, basking in the solitude, the stillness, the birds singing, just a hint of the impending sunrise in the distance, curtains billowing ever so slightly in response to the mild morning breeze – where I sit in gratitude for a new day, where I feed, fuel and prepare myself to be mindful, productive and creative during the day.

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