What’s up with these two strange things?

It’s fascinating to me how I’ve changed over the years. Some old thoughts and inclinations remained making me feel safe and comfortable as I navigated difficult situations. Equally fascinating is how I’ve adopted and cultivated new perspectives, new approaches and out-of-my-comfort-zone practices, which were born out of fear, pain, heartbreak, disappointment, success, a sense of adventure and a desire to be more authentic in my relationships, lifestyle and my creative outlets.

Not all of the changes are grand or all-encompassing but they strike a cord and made me wonder.

Two strange things about myself I’ve noticed a while now:

  1. A surprising departure from my love of language and my obsession with correct grammar –

Why “surprising”? Well, because I have acknowledged and embraced my not-too-severe OCD, I can’t begin to explain why I feel so comfortable writing sentences void of the “I” at the beginning of sentences when posting my sketches on Instagram. Examples: “Sketched my breakfast before eat it this morning.” “Refilled my fountain pens and decided to sketch them.” “Rummaged through my box of watercolour tubes and found this colour which I haven’t seen in a while.” “Have no excuse for having so many palettes.” “Came across an interesting old photo and ….” Now, everytime I type the first word (verb) in sentences like these, I am acutely aware of the faux pas but for some strange reason, I feel no compunction to correct it. It’s almost as if my brain says, “Oh what the heck!” And, I leave it as is. Why? I know this for sure – I definitely enjoy the deviation as it feels playful to bend/break rules sometimes and this one in particular. It might be a reflection of my mindset at 65 years old – appearances be damned. Since it doesn’t happen here on my blog, I am leaning towards the idea that it is a creative thing, connected to sharing my sketches on Instagram.

2. A weird penchant to sketch on the diagonal –

I open my sketchbook and proceed to sketch on the diagonal. Weird huh? But looking at the finished piece I find it so much more interesting at that angle. However, since I don’t plan to sketch on the diagonal, I always wonder why I do it automatically, instinctively. Well, if I ever figure it out, I’ll share. I welcome your thoughts on this though. Feel free to hit me up in the comments. I’m not inclined to use slangs but *Hit me up* popped in my head, and, well, what da heck!

Take a look at a few of my February sketches done on the diagonal.

Have you noticed any strange, instinctive inclinations in your creative practice (writing, sketching, journaling, etc.) that surprises you, annoys you, fascinates you, invigorates you, makes you feel playful and adventurous?

2 thoughts on “What’s up with these two strange things?

  1. That’s a chat I was having with my daughter the other day, “… none of us are the same person we were a few years ago. I wasn’t the same person in my 20s that I was in my teens, or 30s, or 40s, and hopefully we’ll all grow into people worth knowing in the future.” And your creations are a lovely diary of artistic development, approach and personal knowledge–I love your posts! Keep it coming!

    Oh, point “1.” — scary, stuff. I personally believe my old grade 6 elementary school teacher — Mrs. Drakeford (we used to call her Dracula) — would visit me in the night if I made a habit of that!

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