How I get my (sketching) groove back

Christmas is not a major production at my house. I’ve  always kept it simple and minimal. Yet, somehow, the little I do, is enough of a departure from our “normal” to throw me off my game. As much as I try to maintain my daily sketching sessions, the Christmas holidays, more than any other, disrupt my daily sketching rhythm. Sketching is more like sputter, sputter, stop, zappadoodle, sputter ……

Then when it’s all over and the New Year begins, I can’t seem to find my way back, my sketching groove is out-of-wack, my attention is blurry, my hand unsteady and my sketches , well, they are kind of “off”.

It is struggle to pull it all together but I know that consistency is the key. Sketching every day, every little snippet of time I can snatch and however shitty my sketches are, they all conspire to bring me back to a satisfying and productive practice.

So, I am smack dab in that blurry, wonky, miserable stage right now. However, I am not gonna let it phase me or trouble me too much. I refuse to wallow.

20200108_113913Instead, I keep my sketchbook open with a pen on a blank page, water jar filled with clean water and brushes, palette and a few other supplies within easy reach. I know the fog is going to lift once I keep sketching – every day, this and that and the other, anything, everything, whatever.

I have no doubt I will move past this sputter, sputter, stop, zappadoodle, sputter … stage and get my groove back in no time.

Do you lose you sketching rhythm during the holidays? What do you do to get your groove back?

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