I enjoyed the 2017 Pilgrim’s Draw

When Jennifer Edwards extended the invitation to join her on her 2017 Pilgrim’s Draw, I took her up on it without any hesitation. Why? Because I followed her 2016 Pilgrim’s Draw on her blog and was fascinated, blessed, and inspired by her thoughts, insights, faith, and sketches.

This year, she offered  40 prompts of ordinary things – one for each of the 40 days leading up to Easter.  Some days I used her prompt to generate a sketch and other days, I did a sketch inspired by some other ordinary, everyday thing in my own life.

Those of us who joined Jennifer on this year’s Pilgrim’s Draw shared our sketches and thoughts on Instagram with these hashtags: #apilgrimsdraw #drawyourlife #drawcumentlife #liturgyoftheordinary plus any hashtag that were relevant to the ordinary things we drew every day.

As a Life Sketcher (sketching stuff from daily life) I’m used to sketching the seemingly  ordinary/mundane things I don’t usually appreciate or feel grateful for in the normal movement through my days. Following Jennifer’s Pilgrim Draw last year opened my eyes and my heart to the blessedness of ordinary things, and joining her this year, I’ll just say that “life sketching” took on a whole new meaning. I was inspired to look at the ordinary things in my own life from a new perspective and even to ask questions? What role does God play in the ordinary things  in my life? What lessons and truths can I learn from these seemingly ordinary things? How do I and how should I think, feel, and respond to the insights I gain?

Here are some of my sketches of ordinary things for this year’s Pilgrim’s Draw:


6 thoughts on “I enjoyed the 2017 Pilgrim’s Draw

  1. Cheryl, enjoyed your words and sketches. I like seeing so many of your sketches all together. I subscribed to your blog. It’s really good-looking. Your FB friend, Ruth


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