3 years – 20 sketchbooks

I’ve completed my 20th sketchbook. WOO HOO! But wait, how did I get here?

In January 2014, I set out on my art adventure and each day has been a small adventure in its own right.

Most days, with art supplies close at hand, I approach the blank, white page ready and rearing to go with a subject or two or three in mind. Some days though, I battle with a bit of trepidation (dare I, can I, should I, ….) sometimes with not a hint of inspiration. Nevertheless, I always sketch something, anything, regardless how small, simple or mundane. Plus, every now and then, I page through an old sketchbook or two to stir up some pride, self-confidence and courage.

Although I often think about what the result will look like, I am learning to ignore my inner critic who is always quick to instill fear and self-doubt to inveighle me to walk away. After three years, he (yes he) should give up by now because I’ve learned to summon and snatch inspiration from life, a photo, or my imagination. I touch my pen or pencil to the page and I sketch my little heart out. I fine-tune and I add colour. Then I share my sketches on Instagram and in several sketching groups on Facebook. Every now and then (not as often as I think I should) I publish a post here with sketches, which automatically goes directly to Twitter.

Before 2014, I never imagined, but quickly found out, that there is a world of supportive artists/sketchers online (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, websites/blogs) and I’ve joined them. We share our art/sketches, we encourage one another, we offer advice, we share our experiences (discoveries, triumphs and strugles) and share information (art supplies, books, links to videos, etc.)  And we do all that because we readily admit that we are not perfect, we are not masters, we don’t know it all, and we embrace the fact that we learn something new always every day on our own individual art journeys. What a community!


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