Second half of my Inktober sketches


I began losing steam around the 20th but my fellow sketchers propped me up and urged me on and below is the proof that I made it through Inktober 2016.


It was a struggle to do just pen and ink and on the days when the need for watercolour was stronger than the Inktober rules, I added watercolour to my sketches. I make no aplogies for this though because I confess – I am not a purist. I have a tendency to not always follow rules and prompts. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the month-long pen and ink practice. Even if my technique didn’t improve, my self-confidence did.

pens-i-used-for-inktober-2016I used each of my 8 fountain pens and two dip pens and all my inks: Lamy Black ink, Noodlers Bulletproof Black, Noodlers Lexington Grey, Noodlers #41 Brown ink, De Atramentis Document Brown ink, Platinum Carbon ink, Speedball Super Black India ink, and Winsor & Newton Drawing inks (8 colours)

Did you take up the Inktober 2o16 challenge? How did you fare? What pens and inks did you use?



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