Sketching after my morning writing ritual

I am an obsessive sketch addict but my writing _handwriting) days are not behind me. It is important to me have my early morning writing session to cast early morning thoughts and feelings onto the pages of my journal and prioritize plans in my to-do book.  Gotta grab the cell phone too because texts and messages on it may have to be included on the to-do list.

13692727_10153516650676504_1328995651519837826_nThese are the pens I have for writing (I keep them in an old glasses case) and I reached for the Lamy Safari Dark Lilac, which I recently added to my collect for this morning ritual. However, I was in a Lamy Safari Charcoal (one of my sketching pens) state of mind. So I went with that because for some reason, some days call for a particular pen.

13654138_10153516600136504_6246739280407058548_nThen, to tickle inspiration, warm up my sketching muscles and wake up my muse, I did this sketch with the  Lamy Safari Charcoal with Noodlers Bulletproof Black ink and Winsor and Newton watercolours in my #stillmanandbirn  Stillman and Birn Zeta sketchbook.


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