I dismissed my inner critic

Sometimes I do a crazy thing, well actually, a brave thing. I dismiss my inner critic and step out of my comfort zone.

The story goes:

While reading an article online, I noticed a photograph of a oung woman in the sidebar. I thought her full lips were beautiful and toyed with the idea of sketching her. Naturally, my inner critic laughed his usual annoying laugh and jabbed me with some negative comments. For a few moments I thought he must be right and went about my household chores.

Later, sitting in my art studio (my kitchen table) I thought about how over the past few weeks, I’ve been dismissing his missives and ploughing headlong into my own sketching ideas and fantasies., but dea of sketching a portrait continued to bob up and sink back down into the nether regions of my creative subconscious. Today, despite my critics response, the idea stayed afloat. As fate would have it though, I could not find the photograph, which was okay. After all, I had no intention of copying it, but building my own vision of a woman’s face around the lips that remained vivid in my mind.

I did an initial sketch with my Lamy Al-Star Graphite EF fountain pen and followed with Winsor and Newton watercolours in my Stillman and Birn 4″ x 6″ Alpha sketchbook.

And, I’m liking it. Not bad, if I may say so myself.



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