Note taking and my Lamy Safari

“Taking notes like sketching, sharpens the mind, hones it in into a more sensitive receptive instrument, more ready when needed than one that is allowed to “flow with the tide”. it can be the difference between being a reactor or or an actor. The reactor drifts along awaiting opportunities from others before making a move. The actor checks his notes and comes up with a positive move of his own. Most, if not all, artists, composers, authors, scientists, etc. have been and are avid note takers and sketchers.”

~ Walt Stanchfield

I’ve been an avid note taker for most of my life, so Walt Stanchfield’s words resonate with me. Having acquired several Lamy Safari fountain pens recently for sketching,  and love how smoothly the nibs romance the pages in my sketchbooks, I wanted a Lamy Safari to add to my collection of fountain pens that are solely for writing.

Below is a photo, which includes a sketch of my new writing pen. I use it to take sermon notes on Sundays, write in my journal, organize my to-do lists and jot down thoughts and ideas when I am out and about.

My lovely limited edition Lamy Safari Dark Lilac fountain pen with an Extra Fine nib and Lamy Violet ink


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