There’s a new Pocket Palette in town

OMG! OMG! OMG! Did you know? Have you heard? There’s a new Pocket Palette in town. pocketpalette2_open-1000x757

Check out the improved features on the Pocket Palette 2.0 here.

Well, I didn’t until a few days ago when Maria liked some photos I tweeted of my “old” Pocket Palette.


She then sent me a private message offering a discount for the new one.

While I am happy to get the discount, there was no way I would bypass the opportunity to own a second Pocket Palette, whatever the cost. Because, well, why the hell not, the palette is awesome. Throw in the new features, and “One to go please”.

So my Pocket Palette 2.0 is being prepared for shipment “as we speak” and I am over-the-moon and giddy-with-excitement to fill it with my favourite Winston and Newton watercolours, slip it into my Pocket Art Tookit

and carry it with me everywhere.

Way to go Maria Coryell-Martin at Expeditionary Art!


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