When your muse takes a day off

You might be tired or busy but your muse shows up and needles  you to do something creative. Dutifully but with a hint of reluctance, you  follow her lead and VIOLA! You’re glad you did when you see what you have accomplished.

Some days though, you wait and wait but your muse seems to have taken the day off.

Holy missing muse Batman!

Don’t throw your hands up in the air and settle for watching television in a zombie-like trance. Take matters into your own hands.

Suit up and tool up to engage in your favourite creative activity. You know the one: It sets your heart racing. It calms you. It soothes your soul.

I open your sketchbook and pick up a pen/pencil/brush and watercolours.  What about you? Do you reach for a crochet or knitting needle and thread/yarn, put on your gloves and straw hat and grab your gardening tools, set up your sewing machine and open your box with fabric and paper patterns, lay out the ingredients for your favourite recipe?

If you do something, anything, make a start, you’ll be surprised at how inspiration weaves its way into your actions and turns a ho-hum day into a productive and joyful day.

I had one of those days recently and I took my own advice and sketched three of my fountain pens. Nothing grand, nothing colourful, just a few pens.


Needless to say, inspiration honoured my actions and spurred me on to create several more sketches (below). I was on a sketching high for days.


What do you do when your muse takes the day off?


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