Sentimental Treasures – Miniature brass things

A small collection of teapots live on top of my upper kitchen cabinets. Among then sits a miniature brass teapot my mother gave me for my 21st birthday. When a dear old friend saw it, she gave me a miniature brass bell. Perfect!

I know. I know, they could use a good cleaning but I love the slightly tarnished look. What did I use? Winsor and Newton watercolours and Pentel Aquash waterbrush in Moleskine 5 x 8 Art Plus watercolour sketchbook.


Another miniature brass teapot

I did this sketch using a 4B pencil for the under-drawing and my beloved Pentel Aquash waterbrush to apply Conte a Paris Sanguine and Bistre sketching crayons to the wet surface of a sketchbook that was meant only for dry media. The texture is rather interesting.

Didn’t quite capture the true brass finish/colour. Nevertheless,  I’m pleased with the sketches and will continue practising. Any excuse to sketch (as if I need an excuse).


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