Incorporating my passions

Lamenting I’d abandoned posting about my Sentimental Treasures, I thought that instead of taking photos and writing the story behind the treasure, I could incorporate my sentimental treasures posts into my art adventure by sketching the items and sharing them along with their stories.

Naturally, I got all excited, as I did when I began sketching from photos in one of my favourite interior decorating book, in order to combine my love of interior design with my new found passion for sketching.

Immediately, I made a list of the  sentimental treasures I’d like to share. The first one on the list? My sewing box.

Do you remember Gold Bond? I only appreciated my mother’s obsession with collecting Gold Bond stamps when I got married in 1979, and became an avid collector myself. I no longer have many of the items I redeemed my stamps for, and as far as I can tell, only the sewing box remains.

As might be expected, after 30 years, it is no longer in mint condition and for this reason, I use it mainly for storing extra sewing accessories and items I don’t use on a regular basis. I have a smaller sewing basket for quick grab and mend/sew projects.

However, because I love it as much as when I first saw it in the catalogue, I sketched it as my eyes and heart still see it – no  dried up pieces of masking tape covering the damaged portions. Of course I’ve been meaning to do some better repairs but, well, you know ….

Viewed from the back. Staedtler watercolour pencils and Pentel Aquash waterbrush in a pad of Strathmore postcards.


2 thoughts on “Incorporating my passions

  1. What a lovely idea to paint your treasures! It’s so meaningful and this way you are honoring and preserving the memories you have.


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