My newest art-on-the-go kit

I have had a couple art-on-the-go kits as I call them, but this one – the Pocket Art Tool Kit by Maria Coryell-Martin at Expeditionary Art is the my new love. So small, so sturdy, so well-designed. I already had the Pocket Palette, which I filled with my beloved Winsor & Newton watercolours, and carried in a larger kit. However, the kit was a bit to bulky to tote around in my bag every day. It’s better suited for my monthly Sketch Meet. I was so impressed with the Pocket Palette that I ordered the Pocket Art Tool Kit( without the palette) and it arrived yesterday.

This is how it comes. You only have to add your paints in the palette and you’re good to go.

In mine, in the photo below, I added a mechanical pencil, a rubber eraser. a few sheets of folded paper towels and swapped the two tiny clips for a larger one.

It’s small, it’s light, it’s compact, it’s incognito. It will live in my bag, ever ready for me to whip it out and capture something when I am out and about.


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