New journal for my 60th year

Maybe it is the settled self-confidence that comes with keeping a journal for decades and the freedom from preconceived ideas about how I should do it, but I no longer feel compelled to write in my journal every day. Of course if I don’t for a week or two, I miss the journaling sessions. Even then, if I don’t feel moved to throw thoughts, ideas, emotions, …. on its pages, I don’t and I’m fine with that. Nevertheless, I’m dedicated to beginning a spanking new journal every year, on my birthday. And this birthday, my 60th, on September 17th, was another welcomed opportunity to do just that.

Yep, this birthday was super special for all kinds of reasons, and naturally, the journal had to be super special as well. This beauty was sent to me last year for my 59th birthday, by my sister/friend Jan Lundy at Everyday Wisdom.  Isn’t it gorgeous, with that paisley design in some of my favourite colours?

And the pen? It’s from Heather over at In Love With Journals. It’s one of those pens that carry three ink tubes and Heather sent four. I set the mint green aside and will slip it in when one of the colours I’m using runs out and I’m using these three:IMG_20150923_133740

So, the new journal is up and running, and ready to capture and hold my thoughts, my ideas, snippets of my life, visions of my dreams, record of my adventures, and even the sketches I’m inspired to throw into the mix.

Oh the delight of serendipity, the pen is pink and slips easily onto the ring binding – all nice and snug. I just have to grab and start journaling.

Pink paisley journal and pink pen with green, blue and purple ink.
Pink pen clips onto the ring binding.

Do you keep a journal? I’d love to hear about your journal practice.


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