Thinking of a new personal challenge: Watercolour Alphabet

I’m thinking of a new personal challenge:

Watercolour Alphabet – Do a watercolour sketch every day, using a letter from the alphabet as a prompt (e,g, first day – letter A, second day – letter B, and so forth).

While I’m excited at the possibilities, I am also aware of the inevitable – sitting with my supplies in front of me and hard-pressed to think of something that begins with the day’s designated letter that I feel confident enough to paint. .

Oh hell, so what! I’m just going to work/play with whatever my muse presents to me.

Wanna see a few pieces in my sketchbook?

Wire basket with my granddaughter’s coloring books, box of numbers cards and plastic case with stubs of crayons.
Sketch of my bag as I wait
Lady in waiting
A peek over the fence
Nicholas Towers
Clay pots and saucers
Working with watercolour pencils
Rust spots on a steel post
Hanging straw hats and plastic storage bags

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