Oh those darn rules, regulations and expectations

We can get bogged down and overwhelmed by rules, regulations, and expectations (our own as well as other people’s) which often generate fear, self-doubt, and procrastination. They plague us and hold us back when we contemplate new adventures, stretching ourselves in our creative interests and pursuing our dreams.

At the end of the day, at the end of each year, at significant life milestones, we lament that we did not do what our hearts continue to pull us to do. What a pity!

What could we do?

In a nutshell, these:

1. Break a few darn rules and yeah, make up our own as we go.

2. Manipulate the regulations – rephrase and reprioritize them to suit our needs.

3. Entertain only the expectations that come with encouragement and support attached.

4. Throw a dash or two of fun in the mix.

5. Every day, do something – however small – to feed our passions and move them further along.

And there you have it. Run along now; deal with the rules, regulations and expectations that have been weighing you down, keeping you back, and constricting your adventurous and creative muscles.


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