Clichés can be great motivators

“Think outside the box.”

“Step out of your comfort zone.”


“Take a chance.”

“Loosen up.”

“Go brave.”

“Take a leap of faith.”

“Don’t worry; be happy.”

“Just breathe”

“What have you got to lose?”

These and countless other clichéd words and phrases have become so commonplace that we may simply let them fly over our heads while we remain stuck, frustrated, and disappointed with our relationships, careers, dreams, and our lives in general.

However, (there is usually a ‘however’) just one of these same clichés, can help us get unstuck, enthused, and inspire to do what it takes to instigate the changes that can improve our lives, our relationships, our careers, and our dreams.

Sometimes, all it takes is just one cliché to spark ideas and actions we never considered, or, even if we had, we were too afraid or self-conscious to pursue.

“Think outside the box” is a great motivator. I like it but somehow, to me at least, it speaks of radical thinking and off-the-chart actions. “Step out of your comfort zone” did it for me and it continues to push me deeper and further. It encourages easy moves – one foot at a time, lift, stretch, and step across the boundary of my comfortable place (mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

What about you? Which cliché lit your fire, gave you that turbo-boost, set you on the path towards a richer life, a creative adventure, more meaningful relationships, knock-‘em-dead career? Was it a one-time thing with you? Does that cliché keep pushing or inspiring you? Have you responded to several clichés instead of just one?


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