Passion – A necessity our souls demand

“It is so important to find something we are passionate about; we must do it for our souls, whether it makes money or not, whether other people approve or not. It is a necessity our souls demand.”

~ Heather at In Love With Journals

My passions – I have had 4 intense passions over the last 25 years. The search began when I realized that there was a hunger, an ache, a yearning, and a pleading within. Although I basked in the joy of my initial attempts, they did not quite satisfy, but I kept looking until I found what my soul needed. My first intense passion blew out, filled my life, inspired a career change, and opened the door to another passion, which was rooted in my childhood.

Strangely enough, each of my passions had a connection to my childhood, and each (directly or indirectly) ushered me into the arms of the other. Interestingly, a creative/artistic thread weaves my passions together. The way they intertwine and overlap is fascinating to me. While each “functions” and “delights” on its own, each also inspires and expands the others.

Each passion captured my mind and enthralled my heart. Each was so deep and strong that I surrendered myself completely to the  exploration and discoveries embedded in the adventure. More than my life experiences, my passions helped me discover and understand myself. They taught me how to embrace, express and live in the fullness of who I was and who God was crafting me to become through all the circumstances in my life. They continue to provide time and space to contemplate, dream, plan, live, play, and create – a combined exercise that nourishes my soul every day.

So, HOORAY for passions!

Some questions for you:

* Have you been feeding you soul what it demands?

* What are you passionate about?

* Have you stuck with one passion or have you explored and enjoyed several?

* Is there a common thread that runs through the different passions you pursue?

* Do your passions overlap or do they stand alone and distinct, each catering to different aspects of your personality or your soul’s needs?

4 thoughts on “Passion – A necessity our souls demand

  1. I am all about finding your passion and following it. I’ve changed my career several times for that reason. I’m now studying photography. Who knows where that will lead me?


    • Yes Terri, who knows indeed.

      Photography was one of the adventures I embarked on last year, but it has taken a back seat to my ballooning passion for art. So that’s where I focus my energy and spend my time – at my kitchen table with my mountain of materials around me. These days I’m using my new phone to take photographs. The photo quality is awesome. I can snap a pic and immediately send it to Dropbox for storage and share them with my group members at Amateur artists and photographers. Why don’t you join their Facebook page I’d love to see your photos


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