My Art Adventure – 30 days of daily sketches

Art every day consumes me – art before breakfast, art before lunch, art all afternoon, and every spare moment inbetween – and yet, I took time to undertake a special project I read about.  Draw small squares (2” x 2” or larger) and sketch something in each square every day of the month.

I was already in the habit of making art every day using at least one full page and often 2 or 3 pages in my 5” x 7” sketchbook or mixed media journal. It all depends on how long the inspiration or Youtube tutorial lasts, and let me tell you, I can get lost there.

So, back to those small squares of daily sketches. It’s been an added layer of fun for me. Because I drew 6 squares per page and 31-05-2015 would have had to be all alone on a page, I stopped at 30-05-2015. Below you’ll see my 30 days of daily sketches. I added colour to some and left the rest withou.t because some days, I just love a plain pencil sketch.


Top left – I’m particularly proud of that waterdrop
Top middle – I used a waterbrush over a grey watercolour pencil – murky – but at least I drew my mannequin in its plastic case.
Bottom left – Tried to draw my granddaughter making art before breakfast. OMG I desperately need to learn to draw the human figure.


I’m thinking that I may do 30 days of watercolour pieces in June.

Here’s to giving ourselves over to what interests us, amazes us, inspires us and feeds our souls.


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