Sentimental Treasures – Singer sewing machine stand

When my husband and I bought our house 1986, my mother gave me her old Singer sewing machine stand because she knew how much I loved collecting and re-purposing “old things”.

Isn’t it delightful as a plant stand? Do you see the old oven shelf on top? Actually, there are two shelves there.

Let’s see what’s on there:

TOP – plants in old, cracked and/or broken coffee mugs, a 3-prong candle holder in a verdigris finish and a matching chair candle holder, stones I collected on the beach and a tiny hand-painted clay pot.

BOTTOM – When I set new plants this is where I keep them until I transfer them to larger pots (yes, I love container gardening) I have tomato plants in that large black container and in a smaller one behind it, struggling pimento peppers in another, and cucumbers which have refused to show their faces. Oh well, I do not possess my mother’s magical green thumb.

2015-05-22 11.06.28

The cat on the right (my Immi-Poppit) is not an antique, but she’s busy establishing memories in my life with her antics, habits and love, so that like my treasured machine stand, she will elicit nostalgia long after she is gone.


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