First morning thought – To a writer, everything is a story

I am yet to understand why strange thoughts greet us when we awake in the morning or even in those quiet pre-dawn hours. Sometimes they are a reflection of what breezes through or consumes our minds. Other times, they develop from snippets of moments or the composition and complexities of our days. Often, in my experience, they seem unrelated to my nighttime dreams, what I may have thought or done the previous day, or the issues that concern me.

Writing was no where on the radar; I kid you not. Yet, this is what greeted me as I tumbled out of sleep this morning –

To a writer everything is a story – a story that was, a story that is, a story that could be, or a story that runs throughout the span of life.

7f0ca-img_1157Some mornings I am just too invested in the comfort under the covers to reach for my notebook and pen to write my first morning thoughts.

Today I made the commitment to capture (write down) the first mornings thoughts that are powerful, provoking, puzzling, disturbing, or inspiring enough to give me pause, and I am going to share them with you. Why? Well, they may stump me, but you never know, they may inspire you.


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