Sentimental Treasure – The Sound of Music

Do you remember The Sound of Music movie – Maria (Julie Andrews), Captain von Trapp (Christopher Plummer), the singing nuns, Do Ra Me, Fa, So, La, Te, Do, the temperature of young love when Liesl and Rolf sang Sixteen Going on Seventeen, Maria and the Captain setting aside their inhibitions and baring their hearts as they sang Something Good, the vonTrapp family harmonizing Edelweiss, and the  contest that facilitated the risky but successful escape to the mountains?

How many times did you see it? I saw it five times and each time was just as thrilling as the first. I believe that was the birth of my ability to watch movies I like over and over and over again, and see something new each time and enjoy the story afresh with each viewing.

When I received my first pay cheque at my first job, I bought a record player. Oh the excitement at home. My parents had a wonky old player so a brand spanking new one was the highlight of the year for us. By the time that record player gave way to tape recorders, we had amassed quite a collection of records. My brother and I really got to show off our cherished collection at  irthday and Christmas parties with our neighbourhood friends.

When we got married and left home to embark on our individual lives, my brother took many of the records with him. I kept just one – The Sound of Music.

2015-05-11 14.30.44 2015-05-11 14.30.55

Yes we have iTunes. Yes we have MP3’s, Yes, we have CD’s. Yes we have YouTube, but I’d love to listen this record again on a record player and swim in the sea of nostalgia it will stir within me. Indeed my heart will be alive with the sound of music from this album.

I tip my coffee mug to The Sound of Music , to Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, and the rest of the cast, to the songs I’ll never forget, and to this sentimental treasure, for the memories they gave me, for the memories that live on.


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