More about Art Before Breakfast

At the end of 2013, I had made up my mind to latch on to my inner yearning to draw and paint. It was an. exciting start. By February 2014, I had begun sketching every afternoon and enjoying the relaxation that engulfed me as pencil moved on paper.

Ah well, you know how it goes. By the end of March, the afternoon sketching sessions eased, giving way to art bingeing, which wasn’t too bad. Those two or three sessions often lasted several hours and they more than made up for those non-drawing days.

Mother’s Day came and my son gave me Danny Gregory’s Everyday Matters, which I read through in three days. Since then, Danny has been my greatest inspiration. I signed up for his email updates and for emails from his Sketchbook Skool website.

Danny’s recent post “How I make art before breakfast” inspired me to step up my art game. Although I am more inclined to make art before lunch (you know, those couple of hours after the breakfast, clean up, vacuum, and laundry rush) I challenged myself to make art before breakfast a couple times a week. At the very least, I promised myself that I would start a bit of art before breakfast and complete it in the time before lunch. And I’ve kept my promise.

Even on the days when I do not make art before breakfast or before lunch, I make art everyday – pencil sketches or watercolour (my favourite medium) painting.

Some of my recent art before breakfast/lunch pieces.

my Mr. Coffee percolator
2015-04-28 09.14.09
electrical outlet
Over several days
Over several days
tv stand/cabinet
tv stand/cabinet
2015-04-28 09.15.44
Prang watercolour pan

I started sketching my Prang watercolour pan one morning. The next morning I was at it again and realized that I was getting bogged down with getting it right, I decided to take a more relaxed approach. I did a smaller quick sketch, with one corner off the page, outlined it in pen and used my waterbrush and watercolour to add colour.

2015-04-28 07.50.29
a smaller and more relaxed sketch of my Prang watercolour pan, with colour added with watercolour and waterbrush.

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