Sentimental Treasures – Green Leaf Bowl

In 2000, for my 45th birthday, my friends Meena and Pat took me out for lunch and gave me a pretty leaf bowl filled with a potpourri of dried and scented rose petals, leaves, and a mishmash of other things. Like many others I delighted so much in the lovely scent that instead of removing the plastic wrapping, I would open a corner, take a sniff or two and reseal it. It took a while (several months) before I accepted and appreciated that the rose scent was meant to fill the space, and be inhaled and enjoyed all day, every day – not locked in its plastic wrapping, while I hoped that it would last forever. Moreover, I could not even enjoy the deep, rich combination of jewel colours.

Ah well, it is a misguided attempt we often make to hold on to a sentimental treasure to ensure that it will stay “alive” throughout the many different paths our lives take. Often, we mistakenly believe that because an item/a treasure begins life in one way, serving one purpose, it is destined to stay that way. When the truth is that the item we cherish so deeply can go on to enhance and beautify our lives, and inspire and serve us in far more ways than it did when it first came into our lives.


P1060334 This treasured gift has already lived two lives – as a holder of rose scented potpourri and as a catcher on my dresser to place pieces of jewellery when I come home from some event or outing. Moreover, I believe that it could have quite a few more lives to live in other rooms in my home, in the years to come. That’s what I love about my sentimental treasures – many of them are doing double duty, living different lives, switching between decorative and functional purposes. Actually, I washed it this morning and I am taking my time while I figure out what life it is going to live next.

Do your sentimental treasures live just one life or do they live different lives – serving serve complimentary or contrasting purposes as the years roll by?


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