Sentimental Treasures – Black and Gold Ballpoint Pen

I’m a pen collector – yes I am. This pen though is extra special.

 P1060267I’ve owned this beauty since early 1996. The person who gave it to me is no longer an active part of my life. Nevertheless, this treasured gift lives on – keeping wonderful memories alive and adding an extra layer of pleasure to my writing.

My beloved black and gold ballpoint pen is relatively fat and heavy – perfect. I prefer a pen with a good heft, which makes me feel as if it is partnering with me in my writing, especially when writing letters to my friend Jan or entries in my journal.

Eighteen years of use has left the black body severely scratched, the silver bands dull, and the gold lacquer distressed and without its former shine.

2015-03-02 12.19.16With age and continued use, many of our sentimental treasures become more beautiful and more meaningful – keeping us undeniably connected to loved ones, places and experiences. My black and gold pen is still as loved as the person who gave it to me. The memories it stirs are just as vivid and pleasant as when they were first born.

It’s amazing to me how an object, a “sentimental treasure” can become so interconnected with not just my heart and my life but my passion. Each time I look at it, I feel as if it cements itself a little further into its special place in my heart. Each time I use it, I sense that it fits itself more snugly into my writing, which is so woven into the fabric of my life.


4 thoughts on “Sentimental Treasures – Black and Gold Ballpoint Pen

  1. And it still works? That’s amazing you have kept it that long. I lose more than I get I think! But I totally understand the meaning it has for you and how using it must be special.


    • Yes it does Terri. I simply buy a new refill. I did lose it once. About one year after I got it, the thought of losing it scared me into putting it so far away that I forgot where I hid it. When I did find it, I vowed to stop hiding stuff that I loved and instead to use them often and every chance I get, if not every day. I live by that concept.

      BTW the reading of your book is going much slower than I expected. So not feeling my old self lately. However, since yesterday, I’ve begin inching back to “me”.


  2. Oh wow, I remember these were mandatory in primary school days. Do they still sell these? I myself would love to have one…regular ball point pens just don’t cut it man lol..


    • Hey Nelly B, Thanks so much for the visit and the comment. You can still get ballpoint pens similar to this one. You can get cheapy ones or if you’re a collector or just one want a really lovely one with a bit more weight, you may want to invest in a more expensive high-end pen.


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