Move beyond the dreaming stage

Dream, yes, by all means dream. By all means, conceptualize and visualize. Enjoy this early stage but don’t stay there.

Expend every available moment and utilize every available resource to conduct the widest research possible. Using the information you gather to write the most detailed and comprehensive plan you can manage, making sure to set it out in steps that are easy to implement.

Then, without missing a beat, begin at the beginning (step 1) and work your plan. Flexibility is key, so as you go along, don’t be afraid to switch steps when necessary. Sometimes, for example, step 9 may loom as the next logical move after step 5.

Remember to keep gathering information and absorbing inspiration to keep your mind alert and informed, your heart passionate and inspired and your actions relevant and progressive.

Dream, yes, but move beyond the dreaming stage because it is in the later stages that your dream seems possible, plans take flight and your dream begins to materialize.


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