My passion and creativity thrives in an offline space

I may not offer an apology for the amount of time I spend online but I recognize that my passions and my creativity suffer while I am writing status updates, posting photos, reading posts, chasing links, commenting, chatting, etc. Sometimes, though, I sense online overload is about to knock on my door. So, I’ve stepped offline for a while. I gave myself no deadline to return because I want to marinate, fill up, nourish, expand, explore and express my creative leanings.

So here’s the plan

Rules – (1) check email and respond to urgent messages once each day

               (2) post to my blog at least once per week.

Reading – books only half-read up to now, downloaded information, print and digital research notes, article and book drafts, etc.

Writing – queries to magazine editors, convert snippets of ideas in notebooks to full-fledged articles and blog posts, make deposits to works-in-progress, journal more regularly, work on material for writing course/workshop, transfer handwritten quotes from pieces of paper to my Quote Book.



 – continue with the art instruction book exercises.



 – start a photo-a-day project.



 – complete outstanding mending projects and unfinished clothes, cut new patterns.



 – continue practising stitches and begin projects with recently purchased fabric.

It’s been just 3 days and already I feel as if I want to burst. I’m filling up and overflowing. Almost everything I read erupts into ideas and inspirations. My fingers can’t seem to type or write fast enough for the thoughts and ideas spilling out of my mind and the emotions thumping in my heart. It’s as if they were anxiously waiting for the mental, physical and emotional time and space –some to birth themselves and others to just flow, fly, and soar.

Although reading and writing are only two of the activities I planned to immerse myself in, they are manipulating my time and attention. I’m not too surprised as reading and writing have always sat at the door and ushered in inspiration for  my other interests. Everything I enjoy and want to expand on and explore began with a spark at some point while I was reading or writing, so, it is only natural that they would kick-start my offline time to reconnect with and enjoy my passions. Reading and writing have already begun to fill me up, nourish me and inspire what, when, and how this time plays out.

The nourishing of my mental and emotional spaces, the refilling of my creative well and the richness and momentum of my reading and writing has been rapid and intense. To tell you the truth, it feels so good that I just might stay in this offline space for quite a while.

“It is in the thousands of days of trying, failing, sitting, thinking, resisting, dreaming, raveling, unraveling that we are at our most engaged, alert, and alive.” ~ Dani Shapiro


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