Sentimental Treasures – Small Oval Picture Frame

Surely I can find a bigger, better frame for this photo. But why should I when I love this one so much. It is so old that I can’t remember where or when I got or if it was a gift or an impulsive purchase. So, what do I love about it? It is a symbol of a long and cherished friendship.


The photo. My friend (of 43 years) sent me this photo of her family – Sita, her husband and two sons – about 15 years ago.Her older son is at university in Canada now, but this photo of the family is a sentimental treasure that reminds me of our long (43 years) and cherished friendship that continues to survive across thousands of miles.

The shape. As a lover of the circle, it is easy to also love the oval. The smooth edge adds softness to a vignette of items of different shapes. Even alone, this oval picture frame makes a quiet statement on a tabletop.

The colour/finish. I call it “distressed antique gold”. When I was knee-deep in decorating spaces for clients, I often had control my penchant for old, used, bruised, and broken items, because they spoke to me and still do. And it is the same with colour and finishes. Give me a choice and I’d gravitate towards manipulated colours and distressed finishes. Shiny is too ostentatious for my decorating style. So this distressed antique gold finish is just enough bling for my personality and décor. It is a delicate balance between contrast and compliment when paired with wood or painted backgrounds, and accessories of varying finishes that I have around my home.

Here’s to sentimental treasures, whatever their size, shape and finish. 


4 thoughts on “Sentimental Treasures – Small Oval Picture Frame

  1. Love this. Reminds me a lot of my own ‘style’and tastes! We also share a long and cherished friendship with our beloved Sita 🙂


  2. I love the fact that you framed me in antique gold. I love the fact that I am a cherished memory. I love the fact that you are my friend chosen to bless me today. May God bless you likewise.


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