Revive your ideals

We’ve got to follow through on our ideals or we betray something at the heart of who we are.” ~ Bono

Which of your ideals are threatened by your fears and self-doubt based on bad experiences, painful memories, disappointments and negative things people say and do?

Revive your ideals, cradle them, nourish them, and give them their rightful place in your life to inform, encourage, lead, and inspire you.


2 thoughts on “Revive your ideals

  1. I think more and more it’s easy to let go of our ideals. I’m trying to believe that people mean well. I struggle with that because I’ve seen the opposite so much.


    • I hear you Terri. I feel what you’re saying because I live the pull and tug of modern-day concepts, beliefs and practices on my ideals. It is a struggle, but thank God, the struggle is not as intense as it was when I was younger. It gets easier with age because, I believe, God has hardwired us with the desire and resolve to hold our ideals tighter as we get older.


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