Sometimes dreams meander into our lives

I had other plans for this year of adventure with art and photography heading the list. Some days I’m busy with the usual stuff of everyday life and on others, I give myself and my time over to those two creative pursuits. However, I’m well aware that life meanders at its own pace and in unexpected directions.

Earlier this week, someone else’s plans created the circumstance, wherein I could finally pursue another of my childhood dreams – learning to play the piano.  I recognized the open door and I slipped in easily and comfortably because I suppose,  when the time is right, the time is right.

Through the years, I did not begrudge the other paths I’ve had to take. Instead, I cherished the dream, always imagining, always visualizing myself at the piano. I’ve learned that some dreams we can manipulate into reality while others seem to have a mind of their own. They stroll into our lives, they wink at us, and whisper suggestions. If we live with open minds and eager hearts, we see the winks, we hear the whispered suggestions, we walk through the door and slip into the space that awaits us. 

As I settle into my new piano-playing space, I have a question for you –

Have you ever had a long-held dream meander into your life, wink at you, whisper a suggestion and open the door for you to slip in and make it a reality?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes dreams meander into our lives

  1. This is a lovely blog! I had a dream to play the piano too. I took lessons for a year but my teacher wanted to talk more about her failing marriage than how I was doing! So I never got any good. Hope you shine!


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