My Art Adventure

Achieving something that I thought was impossible gave me a new feeling about who I am. I have a different kind of faith in myself. I don’t get as easily discouraged, because I know that with persistence, the right idea will unfold. Nothing seems beyond my reach. I know that, with courage, I can follow my heart no matter what.”

– Marcy Basel

This year,  I’ve stepped out ever so carefully but excitedly out of my comfort zone and ventured on adventures to stretch my creativity muscles.

My obsessive compulsive tendencies moved me to purchase a box-load of art supplies, all in preparation for this adventure. The plan was to dive into water-colour first before playing with other mediums. Yet it is the practice of daily pencil sketching that thrills me. So I’m not going to rush the watercolour, oils, acrylics and pastels. I’m simply going to spend time in the sketching aspect for a while – you know, get really comfortable and confident.

What adventures are you pursuing this year?

These are just two of the many pieces I’ve tried lately.

2014-03-13 10.06.12-1

Wine glass in pencil

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