"Some Longings Never Cease"

“It is time to leave. So on her last day here, with the boxes all packed, she finally set up the old movie projector and screen . But watching her family one last time together in their home, she doesn’t count on the emotion. Doesn’t even realize the simple beach images of her mother move her until she comes out of the kitchen with a glass of water, ready to watch the remaining film when her doorbell rings. Even then, not until her oldest and dearest friend comments on her tears does Maris realize she’s been crying. Some longings never cease.” ~ Excerpt from Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans by Joanne DeMaio

Indeed some longings never cease and I have a few.

I’ve labelled 2014 as my year of adventure and I’m focusing on creative expression, mainly through writing and art. So I’m fleshing out my thoughts and scouring my notebooks to see which one I’ll work on first and I’ve already begun to play with the art supplies I bought.

And now I ask you, in your life’s journey, what longings have not ceased? Do you plan to pursue any of them this year?


2 thoughts on “"Some Longings Never Cease"

  1. I do, Cheryl. (I love your longings by the way). I long to actually get some of the many small books I've written in print. I long to spend more time in nature this year and allow it to guide me. I long to spend more time with my adult children who live far from me, but, I do believe love's longing will find a way! Blessings upon all of our longings!


  2. Those are very significant longings Janice. Realizing them won't only bring you satisfaction and fulfillment but also impact and enhance your relationship with your children and the lives of people who read your books. Here's to the realization of your longings.


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