Use Old Scars to Inspire a New Life

I awoke this morning with the thought that often we approach and begin a New Year with the idea that things will be or should be brand, spanking new. Well, maybe yes, but my mind turned to a post I wrote on August 2012 – Scars Tell the True Stories.

You see, we may be so anxious to leave “the old” behind and launch full-throttle into “the new” that we underestimate the lessons and inspiration from our still-tender scars. The stories behind the scars we accumulated during the old year can help us navigate new challenges and achieve our goals.

Have you come into 2014 with scars from 2013 or even further back? What have they taught you about yourself, your strengths and weakness, your relationships, your dreams?

If you still can’t quite settle into the New Year, take a look at your old scars and use their underlying stories as a starting point for what you want, don’t want and would like to accomplish.

May you uncover information and inspiration to live a grand life this year – a brand, spanking new life.


2 thoughts on “Use Old Scars to Inspire a New Life

  1. I have plenty of scars from 2013. I do carry them forward because I hope to learn from them and maybe grow too. I see the new year as a chance to clean up some of the scars from last year. I will probably make a ton more but then that's living, isn't it?


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