My word for 2014 – Adventure

A few years ago, I began choosing one word to encompass my desires and goals for the New Year. And what a good decision too because I could change course and still be true to the meaning of the word. Moreover, that one word usually seeped into, altered and improved different areas of my life.

This year, 2014 – my word is “Adventure”.

Several of my friends have shared that they’ve hit ground of 2014 running. They are energized and already celebrating small, early successes with their projects and goals. I on the other hand – just as the cough seemed to be easing up, I slipped on a wet tile, went down on my right knee (in slow motion of course) and now I’m hobbling around. My almost-5-year-old granddaughter told me that I am doing it wrong. She thinks I should be hopping on my left leg with my right off the ground and half-bent in mid-air.

Well, the remnants of a bad flu and an injured knee were not on the cards but it’s an adventure (of sorts) to live, work and be creative while coughing and limping.

I have noble plans for 2014 and those plans aren’t only in my head mind you. I’ve been stocking up on equipment and supplies since last year. I’m kind of obsessive that way – must accumulate as much information, material, tools and supplies as I can before I start something new.

Below are photos of my stocks for my three major adventures this year – art, sewing and photography.

Art supplies

 My husband told me that I have a talent for art and since he doesn’t give idle flattery, I’m going with that. I also have a small stash of cheap paints which I plan to use for art journaling.


Paper patterns and sewing supplies

I used to sew all my clothes many years ago. It’s time to recapture the pleasure and financial savings of this activity.

My fascination with clouds, trees, landscapes, seascapes and people going about their daily lives, building and living their dreams inspired me to capture it all on camera. My husband gave me these two beauties (left: Panasonic Lumix and right: Olympus). I’m partial to the Panasonic.

So there you have it, I’m doing “adventure” this year. What are you planning to do?


2 thoughts on “My word for 2014 – Adventure

  1. I love your projects, especially the photography. I tried a few years ago to learn hot to take great pictures but never could. Wish I'd taken a course. Will be fun to see what you do this year and be sure to post your projects! It motivates others.


  2. Initially, I thought of taking a photography course, but decided against it. I'm just going to subscribe to a website, check YouTube and wing it. It's the same with art. Just going to let go control and let the creativity fly free.

    Casting my projects into cyberspace motivates me to stay the course and I am also excited to share what I accomplish.

    Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day Terri.


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