Dreams may come dressed in unexpected clothes

Think carefully about the dreams you articulate and share. They might come calling in a different kind of clothing.

Of course you should envision, conceptualize, articulate, write and share your dreams. It’s all part of the process of achieving them. Yet, we can’t use this process as a magic formula. Do this. Do that. Do the other. Poof!  Our dreams will come true.

Now, if it is does, well, that’ll be the most wonderful thing in the world but think carefully, about the dream you envision, conceptualize, articulate and share. Why? Because the dream you “put out there” may come calling, dressed in a different garb.

– Fancy on the outside (as you envisioned) but more understated in its nature.

– Draped in such simplicity that you don’t recognize it and you miss or dismiss it altogether, although its essence is everything you ever wanted.

– Elegantly casual but with subtle hints of a complexity you didn’t bargain for.

– The richness and glamour you hoped for but laden with real life challenges.

As we enter the New Year, let’s stay focused and alert to what comes into our lives. They just may be the dreams we craved, but dressed in unexpected clothes.


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