The whispers of thoughts and feelings

When you are in tuned to your deepest thoughts and feelings, you hear their whispers. You know when it’s time to reassess, tweak, revamp or change your perspective, your life, your passions, your dreams, your well-planned path. Nobody else can sense, hear or respond to these whispers.

In my experience, sometimes I have ignored the whispers. Other times, I have examined them, made brief mental notes and set them aside. I’ve found that when I explore the possible reasons behind them and their wisdom, timeliness and potential, I am open to life’s unexpected twists and turns. And although stumped when I find myself at a particular juncture, I face it with a settled peace. In fact, people close to me are surprised at how calm I am and how easily I am able to change perspective, switch gears, alter goals and revise my way forward.

A curve landed in my structured life. It disrupted my well-oiled routine. It ruffled my plans.

Some saw it as a crisis. I didn’t. Because I’ve been listening, because I took the whispers seriously, I feel as if I had been prepped to deal with this curve. Decisions. Actions. Plans. I’m ready to move ahead.

Of course some things remain the same. Others have been restructured. New ones are ready to go.

It’s an interesting and adventurous time. And coming close to the end of the year, well, it’s all perfect.


4 thoughts on “The whispers of thoughts and feelings

  1. Indeed it does Angela. Not that we are always confident and brave or even proactive. But Once we are aware and the wisdom surfaces, we are in a better/stronger position to make the right decision and take the best actions to live better lives and pursue our goals.


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