9 Things to remember at Christmas

Along with feeling excited and festive, you may have begun to feel overwhelmed and tired. Remembering a few important things can help you relax, maintain a healthy focus and enjoy the holidays.
1. Remember to keep it real. Resolve not to wear the mask of Christmas—insincere attitudes, fake smiles and robotic parroting of Christmas jargon. If you are uncomfortable with some or all that takes place or is expected, hold to your preferences or convictions, respond graciously and act accordingly.
2. Remember it is the thought that counts. A cliché yes, but in the heat of the giving and receiving, the significance of this truth gets lost. Repeat it to yourself, your family and friends and set the example by your own reaction to inexpensive and small gifts you receive.
3. Remember those less fortunate. Do your part, however small, to ensure that someone with limited means, experiences some Christmas cheer.  

4. Remember that people are more important than things. Most advertisements push products in your face and tug at your pocket. Your unconditional love, your time, your shoulder, your ear and a gentle touch of empathy goes further and means more, long after most gifts have outlived their value or usefulness.  

5. Remember to keep up with healthy lifestyle habits. The temptation to slide into excess will be strong. Make a promise to yourself to enjoy all that’s good without going overboard. More important, abstain from indulgences, which could have an immediate or gradual negative impact on your health.  

6. Remember the glow of the holidays will pass and give way to normal everyday living. Don’t get so caught up in the spirit of the holidays that you abandon reason and self-restraint and expose yourself to dire physical, emotional and financial straits in the New Year.  

7. Remember to be good to yourself in the midst of expending your time and energy on others. You can only give your best when you are at your best self. And you can only be your best self when you’re nourished on every level. Set aside time and save some energy to treat yourself well especially if the Christmas holidays are a hectic time for you.  

8. Remember to dabble in your favourite activities. The Christmas holidays can overcast many aspects of normal life. Ease up on the visiting and entertaining to spend time in activities you enjoy all during the year. Keeping up with your hobbies can be a welcome break from the festivities.  

9. Remember to stay clear of feeling blue about the loss of old traditions. How you celebrate Christmas today may be a far cry from Christmases in your past and that may fill you with melancholy. By dwelling on the loss of those “good old days” you could miss out on the wonderful memories you can create in the present.
Whatever obtains in your life during the holidays, these reminders can help to keep you relaxed, grounded, realistic and sane. Instead of staying stuck in the old traditions, take the best of them and integrate them into your present-day celebrations, put a new spin on some or make your own traditions based on who you are and how you live your life now.

Happy Holidays.


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