How would we live without certain boundaries?

We live with boundaries but that’s not a bad thing. Boundaries help to keep us on the relatively safe, sane and comfortable side of life. Some shield us from the mental and emotional wounds inflicted by others – parents, teachers, spouses, mentors, friends, employers…. They keep away certain negative people, issues and experiences so that they do not touch us, touch us too deeply or ramshackle our lives.  

Some boundaries though, deprive us of a life of authenticity, adventure, creativity and the pursuit of the most illustrious dreams. Sadly, our beliefs, our memories, our experiences and our fears set many of the boundaries we live with today. Even on our best days, our anxious thoughts, our raging emotions and painful experiences hold us back – maybe a lot or maybe a little.  But if certain boundaries were removed from our lives, what would be our individual stories?

Dare we answer the questions –

Who would I be?
Where would I go?
What would I do?
How would I live every day?
Who would I love and spend your life with?
What dream would I pursue with all our might? 


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