Poems in a Flash – The circle

This installment to Poems in a Flash encompasses confronting and casting off the thoughts and feelings that plague and frighten, declaring freedom and circling back to self-doubt.

Get thee behind me thoughts!
Get thee behind me pain!
Get thee behind me wasteful regrets!
I’ve moved to a better place.
Didn’t you hear the breaking news?
Didn’t you get the memo?
Didn’t the gossip reach you?
I’m playing the victim no more.
I’m done with the negative self-talk.
I’m done with the debilitating fear.
I’m done with sitting in a corner.
I’m walking a path to a happy somewhere.
I wonder if my mind hears me talking.
I wonder if my heart hears the drum.
I wonder if these words are my truth.
Have I really moved on? 


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