Sentimental Treasures: Pitman Shorthand Dictionary

Why have I kept this 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ treasure? For sentimental reasons of course.

My parents bought this Pitman Pocket Shorthand Dictionary for me in 1974, when I entered St. Mary’s Secretarial College and it cost TT$4.56. It was well-used because I enjoyed writing in shorthand and learning new words and phrases. Long after I stopped using shorthand on the job, I continued to use it to scribble notes for myself.

This treasured little book has aged well, in spite of  how much I used it. The mild wrinkles on the cover, the minimum wear to the spine, binding and pages all testify to the quality of the materials and the binding process.

There are words and  phrases I use when jotting ideas in my notebook, writing an entry in my journal, drafting to-do lists and taking notes during a editing project. In fact, I derive great pleasure in paging through this dictionary, looking at the lines and squiggles and trying to determine how the shorthand captures the words.

I don’t think my fascination with shorthand is going to dwindle or die any time soon. and this little sentimental treasure will help to keep it alive.


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