6 Ways to improve the quality of your life

When worry, fear, rushing and busyness begin to stifle you, alter your thoughts, attitudes, feelings and actions. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the change in the quality of your life.
Look at the big picture. A limited view of a problem could make it difficult to identify solutions. Open your mind and heart to the bigger picture. Things may not seem as difficult, as dark, as depressing or as hopeless. In fact, the problem or challenge may appear less daunting against the backdrop of the big picture.

Connect with what is significant. Daily busyness, mounting and taxing commitments and anxiety over the future can overshadow what is truly significant. To tap into what’s significant to you, slow down, stop, step back and sit a while. You may have to set aside your obsession with perfection, irrational fears, anxiety about the unknown and anguish over your mistakes and failures. You don’t have to give up the reality of your life; you may only need to acknowledge that you’ve taken on more than you can handle comfortably or successfully. Don’t only identify what is significant, but connect with it/them on a head level as well as on a heart level. See the significant things, people, achievements, goals and possibilities. Reflect upon them, listen to the messages they bring. Feel the joy they deliver and commit to living in tune with them.

Take responsibility. It may seem easier to cast off your own responsibility for bad decisions, uncomfortable situations, strained relationships and unaccomplished goals. In this case, easier is not better, right or beneficial to you or others. There is freedom in taking responsibility for your part in the unhappy circumstances in your life. Moreover, when you take responsibility you can look for and apply answers to questions, solutions to problems and actions to advance your dreams.

Make peace with your past. Your past may be the reason you are hurting and distrusting. Your past may be the reason you are stuck in old mindsets, self-sabotaging attitudes, destructive behavior and the same old, non-progressive and unsuccessful results. Unless, you face it, deal with it, salvage the best parts of it and leave the rest behind (where it belongs), your past will swallow you. It will rob you of the comfort and joy in the present and the possibilities in your future. Make peace with your past so that you can live happily and successfully today and tomorrow.

Accept your limitations. In case you didn’t notice, you are not a super human. There are things you can’t do and may never be able to do. Accept the reality of your personal limitations. Consider that sometimes it is your very limitations that inspire and empower you to think and act outside the box and achieve great things.

Play with your strengths. There will always be people who find some kind of sordid satisfaction in pointing out your limitations and making them an issue. That can be degrading and depressing. Whenever that happens, pull out your bag of strengths and play with them – acknowledge they exist, be grateful for them, count the ways they have served you well and channel them into projects and pursuits you enjoy. When you’re feeling disappointed over some mistake or rejection, you will find comfort and validation in playing with your strengths to bolster your confidence and lift your spirits when your spirits when you’re feeling inadequate, disappointed or rejected.

If you don’t want the worry, fear, fighting, blaming, complaining and rushing of modern-day life to chew you up and spit you out, use these suggestions to improve the quality of your life.


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