Sometimes what lies within is enough

Some days, our stress levels rise and overflow and the tension in our necks and shoulders is debilitating. But when external human support and comfort is not available, we can turn inward –

  • to hide
  • to breathe
  • to rest
  • to source some measure of calm 
  • to strengthen the conviction that we are more than the demands in our lives 
  • to fluff our deflated sense of self-significance
  • to hug our malnourished passions and assure them that they are still important to us and promise that we will try to make time for them
In the absence of people or places to support and comfort you, have you turned to what lies within – that inner sanctum, drenched in self-imposed mental and emotional silence and solitude, where you allow your heart to speak? You should, because sometimes what lies within is just what we need. Sometimes, what lies within is enough.  


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