My art goals are "out there"

In the spirit of putting goals and dreams and plans “out there” –

I never thought I could draw and I was cool with that. But my husband told me that I have talent after I had a drawing fit some years ago. When the fit was over (the lasted about 3 months or so). I moved on with my life.

Lately though, a more controlled form of the fit returned and I want to explore it. So I’ve been stocking up on supplies to throw myself into this activity. Like I said, I’ve dabbled in the past, you know, a sketch here and there (pencils and charcoals), an occasional dance with watercolour …

Why nothing more consistent? A pinch of laziness,  a dash of self-doubt and a dollop of fear. So recently, I said to myself, “Enough!”

My OCD replied, “Load up on the best quality supplies”. And that’s what I’ve been doing.

The plan? Learn sketching techniques before moving on to painting in January 2014. My sketching supplies should arrive in a week or so).

And there it is. My art goals are “out there”.


3 thoughts on “My art goals are "out there"

  1. Hi Cheryl!

    I think it's awesome! And it's so much fun having friends who are willing to explore art. Let's do this! I met a lady in Hobby Lobby last week who is signing people up to learn how to draw realistic faces. Even though I didn't have $125 to join her weekly class, she was generous to give me a free packet of instructional sheets, photos, and personal encouragement. She said “you never know where something like this could lead – so do it.” I was pumped! (And You-Tube is filled with so many wonderful inspirational videos, too).

    So enjoy your explorations. The seed of desire seems (to me) to be the only prerequisite when it comes to art and creativity. It's just FUN. Looking forward to hearing more about your art goals. Always enjoy your writing, Cheryl.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement Vicki. I'm really looking forward to sharing my journey with you. I'd love to see your art too. We could share privately. Oh yes, youtube. I should subscribe to one or two. Any suggestions?


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