8 Tips for Job Satisfaction

Whether you’re on the last leg of vacation or on the job, these timely tips may help to revive the attitude, feelings and excellent performance needed to generate job satisfaction. 
1. Remember the early days
The daily grind can drain your enthusiasm, leaving you disenchanted and hungering for premature retirement. But thoughts of the early days can replace the ho-hum with renewed fervour. 
Do you recall the first interview, the call to tell you that you had been selected for the position, the first day; hitting your stride with your duties and the pride you felt when you no longer needed supervision on a daily basis? Resurrect those early memories to rekindle the enthusiasm and momentum you lost along the way. 
2. Forget past failures 
Everyone makes mistakes, but if you hold on to the memory of errors you made on the job in the past, you risk not being able to function at your best now or in the future. If your boss has forgiven you and proved it by trusting you with new and greater responsibilities, you must forgive yourself. Throw off the burden of past mistakes and bounce back into the efficient and capable employee you are. 
3. Give up control
From senior personnel to ground-level workers, some employees are territorial about their assigned responsibilities. Is your day overshadowed by your controlling attitude? Do you insist that your employees, co-workers and subordinates acquiesce to your ideas without question or input? You can’t do it all. Give people a chance to contribute to the company’s mission and bring new ideas to the day-to-day operations. Give up control. You’ll be respected for opening the door to creativity and innovation. You will also inspire pride in the people who work with and for you.
4. Take control 
Maybe you have been on the receiving end of a controlling boss, supervisor or co-worker. Maybe your opinions and ideas have been dismissed. Don’t settle for complacency. 
Take control by throwing your ideas, enthusiasm and energy into the areas of your job where you don’t need permission or validation. Take control of your attitude, performance and efficiency. Work with what you can control – your thoughts and responses.
5. Honour the tried and true
Doing things the old way is not always bad or backward. They are called “tried and true” because they work. Often innovation succeeds on the back of old ideas and procedures. Honour the tried and true regulations and methods, and use them wherever they are still applicable. 
6. Embrace change 
Are you resisting certain changes on your job? Maybe you are content with the status quo because it allows you to continue with your laissez faire attitude and mediocre efforts. Give proposed changes a chance to achieve the expected results. In fact, embrace the changes and do everything in your power to make them a success.
7. Speak up 
Ask for a raise, adequate supplies, overdue vacation and a second chance after a mistake. You may not always get what you want, but people will always know what’s on your mind and where you stand. They may not like you, but they will respect you for being forthright and honest. 
8. Zip it
Sometimes, despite your firm convictions and strong opinions, you have to hold your tongue. These two Bible verses that encourage the practice of keeping silent: “Even a fool when he keeps silent, is considered wise.” Proverbs 17:28  “There is…a time to be silent and a time to speak.” Ecclesiastes 3:7 

Opposites attract yes, and these complement each other. Moreover, they will help to revive your appreciation and enthusiasm for the job that pays your bills.

(Published in the Womanwise Magazine Sunday 18th August, 2013)


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