Put your dream "out there"

Our dreams may bloom in different ways for each of us and that is why we must identify, articulate, visual, conceptualize and work out a plan to achieve them. Sparks of help may come from the most unlikely quarters and at the most unexpected times. And there is one more thing that is necessary to round out and flesh out this story.

We must take our dreams and put them out there – out of our heads, out of our hearts, beyond the actions we take. “Out there” of course, can be: journals, spouses, family members, best friends, acquaintances, mentors, fellow dreamers/kindred spirits, groups (writing, gardening, book club, . . .), the Internet (blogs, websites, Facebook,Twitter, forums, . . .).


Because apart from our own determined, persistent and passionate efforts, we never can tell the who, what, where and when that will play a part, however small, in inching our dreams towards reality.

So, identify your dream, articulate it, visualize it, conceptualize it, draft a plan of action and work that plan with all the enthusiasm and passion you can muster. And don’t forget to “put it out there”, somewhere, anywhere, because you just never know how the story of your dream will play out.


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