Find, Sip, and Savour Life’s Joys

In our haste to manage tasks, acquire things and be successful, we often rush past the simple joys of life. Consequently, we may see only challenges to overcome, hardships to surmount and sadness to put behind us, so that we can move on. If you’re tired of living in a constant rush of busyness, with little or no time for the joys of life, slow your pace and take some time to sip and savour –
* The wonder of creation. The simplest and most profound joy is derived from the knowledge of God, the Creator. Creation, in all its intricate and ordered splendour, is enough to baffle the mind and flood the heart with unspeakable joy.
* The peace and comfort of daily prayer. Begin and end the day with prayer, praise and thankfulness. The habit of daily prayer equips you to deal with life’s trials, and opens your eyes to the blessings that abound in your days.
* The freedom from negative emotions. Lingering anger, bitterness, resentment, jealousy and other negative emotions complicate lives. They fester and tarnish your soul but you can find positive ways to let off steam and be calm, content and joyful.
* A healthy work/life balance. You can regain equilibrium in your life when you release stress and restore a comfortable balance in your days. Making time for spiritual, mental and physical rest and nourishment.
* Spontaneity. Sometimes the true juice and joy of life exist in unplanned moments, activities and adventures.
* Your personal oasis. Tranquil spaces and a pleasing atmosphere creates an environment that inspires reflective thoughts, creativity and relaxation. Surround and submerge yourself in the space, colours, scents and sounds that reflect your personal taste and needs.
* Silence. Unplug from everyone and everything that represents work, stress, chores or noise, and plug into silence.The silence that surrounds you generates silence within, so that you can hear the whispers of your heart.
* Laughter. Don’t take life or yourself too seriously. Ease off perfectionism and the need to control. Foster a light-hearted attitude towards your inabilities and mistakes. Find the funny side of life and laugh.
* Continuous learning  Life is so much more interesting and exciting when you stay on the learning curve. Expand your knowledge of the world; it’s not all bad news. Learn about different people, their beliefs and cultures. And it is easy learning because apart from the usual methods, you can also do it wherever you are, via the Internet.
* Stories from the elderly. Bask in their wisdom and learn from their experiences. Enjoy their wit and be inspired by their unique views of people, the world and life in general.
* Family ties. A strong, loving and supportive family is a good foundation for a stable home. Lavish love, appreciation, support and time on those you love. Say the words and show it in tangible ways.
* Your passion. Enjoy and celebrate where you are, whether you are still in the planning stages or living your passion out loud.
* Helping others. Life is a bed of joyful satisfaction when you see people hurting or in need and you reach out to help however you can – a shoulder to cry on, money for necessities or a hand to help with work they are unable to do. Helping others pushes your joy button. Don’t forget random acts of kindness. Both giver and receiver experience abundant joy.
Often the joys of life are nestled in small and simple places and in mundane acts and activities. Maybe that’s why we miss them. Let us change this scenario by taking time to find, sip and savour life’s joys. 

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