9 Strategies to Maximize Rainy Days

Do rainy days get you down?  The following suggestions will help to dispel the blues and maximize rainy days.


Are you one of those people who dread the rainy season? You live in a “flood prone” area. You have to find a way to get to work however severe the weather. Your daily commute entails hours in traffic jams. You hate walking with an umbrella, low water pressure and doing body contortions to get children in and out of the car. You resent having to curtail outdoor activities. Moreover, continuous days of rain leave your home feeling cold, damp and clammy and you feeling as water-logged as the ground outside. Since there’s nothing you can do to change the rainy season, try some of these strategies to manage and maximize the rainy days. 
1. Be prepared. Make sure everyone at home is equipped with his or her own rainy-weather gear. Don’t waste time grumbling about the bulkiness or inconvenience of a large umbrella. It is an essential piece of equipment. Suck in your pride and buy the largest and sturdiest one you can afford. 
2. Be an example. If you make it a habit to stay at home or leave late every time it rains, you are setting a bad precedent for your children. Teach by your example that slacking off when it rains is not acceptable. Don’t leave home whining and they won’t either. 
3. Work with it. If you want to ask your boss to come in or leave early on those days when the rain is very heavy, be prepared to bargain. Offer to come in earlier, work later or take a shorter lunch break on dry days to make up. 
4. Let there be light. At least put on your outdoor light when you leave home in the morning. After wading through water and heavy, crawling traffic, it is heart-warming to approach a lighted home.
5. Tidy up. A clean home can help perk you up on a rainy day. Make a quick clean sweep through all the rooms. A little pick up here and a little dusting there makes it easier to relax and enjoy a rainy day. 
6. Decorate. No money required. Rearrange the furniture. Change curtains, bedding and the covers of your throw pillows. Accessories with bright coloured items to enliven your rooms. You will feel brighter and your home will shine. 
7. Cook up a storm. Warm up a chilly, rainy day with one-pot meals and one-dish casseroles. Cook enough to store in the freezer for other rainy, don’t-feel-like-cooking days. 
8. Eat, play, laugh. Set your inner child free: Eat ice cream from the bottom of a cone. Have a rainy day picnic in the living room with your family. If you are alone, load a tray with your favourite healthy snacks and settle in to watch some movies. Engage in a fun activity you like, but rarely have the time to enjoy. Sing and dance with wild abandon to your favourite music. Bring out paper, sketch pads, crayons, pencils and scissors to draw or cut pictures from old magazines to make a collage. Set up card, board or computer games. Read your children’s favourite stories or ask them to make up their own. Declare that it is a dress-up and watch them have fun. 
9. Connect. Make those long outstanding phone calls. Write to a friend who appreciates handwritten letters. Forward email messages with a personal note. Send any-occasion e-cards to relatives and friends. 
Don’t sulk and sing the blues on the gloomy days of the rainy season. You now have strategies to help you infuse them with the sunshine of fun and productive activities that will create happy memories to deposit in your “good old days” file. 


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