5 Impediments to Success

As bad as external impediments are, often, it is the internal impediments that trip us up, throw us down and keep us back. They weaken our confidence, flatten our motivation, quash our determination and dim our passion to achieve our dreams. If we don’t weed out these impediments, they can destroy our dreams altogether. In order to succeed, we must identify and remove impediments like these –

  1. Indecision. Do or don’t? Go or stay? Start or wait? Questions, questions, questions? No, it might be indecision, which can shift our focus, halt our actions, slow our progress and minimize our chances of success. It is far better to begin, do something, take one step and make adjustments later, than waste time hesitating and second-guessing ourselves.
    We’d be wise to be cautious and to evaluate our circumstances, our goals and the path we need to take to accomplish them. However, if we hesitate because we are uncomfortable with uncertainty, we will avoid taking those vital first steps or other crucial actions down the road. To move along the path before us, to attain any kind of success, we should learn to analyse a situation and make a definitive decision.

  1. Inaction. Knowing what has to be done is a good position from which to take action. Instead, we over-think, over-analyse, over-strategize and do not act. When our dreams are at stake, we can’t afford to sit with thoughts, ideas and plans. 
    Dreams demand that we act by taking one step after another. Each day we should ask ourselves, “What action could I take today to move me closer to my dream?”

  1. Regret. Regret decreases the quality of our lives and hangs like a dark and heavy cloud over our future. If we can’t undo what has been done or do what was undone, it is best to leave the issue in the past where it belongs. 
    If there is a chance that we can change things, we should and as soon as we can. Regret does not help us in the pursuit of our goals. Therefore, we shouldn’t waste time twiddling with it. Rather, we should be busy with the business of living our lives in the present and moving steadily and purposely towards our future.

  1. Faithlessness. Our thoughts, our words and our actions tell whether or not, we believe that God can guide us to the success we want in our lives, our careers or our dreams. While faith in God is not a magic formula for success, faithlessness deprives us of the blessings God bestows when we believe in Him to guide and sustain us along the path we wish to travel.
    We can’t fake faith though. It must be real. It must be solid. It must be nurtured, deepened and strengthened. And we must learn to rely on God, the object and supplier of our faith, to fill us up, direct us, lead us and keep us steady and courageous in our various pursuits.

  1. Impatience. We’re not a very patient lot. We have a learned desire for instant gratification. In fact, we crave and demand it even when situations scream “Be patient”. Sometimes, all the evidence before us dictates that waiting for a day, a week, a month, a year or longer is the best decision.
    Not because we are afraid or passive or indecisive but because patience is necessary and best, if we want a particular outcome.

If we are convinced that the life, the career, the relationships, the dreams we want are important, we must identify, uproot and destroy those internal impediments that hinder our success.

(This piece was published in the the Womanwise Magazine on Sunday 15rh June, 2013.)


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